Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Long Journey Begins... (JFK --> PTY --> SCL --> MDZ)

At this point, I'm just praying that I arrive tomorrow morning in Mendoza with both of my bags. Forget enjoying the flight or sleeping at all, I just want those bags...

I'm at the airport now about to get on the first of my three flights to Mendoza, Argentina. I'm flying Copa Airlines through Panama City, Panama to Santiago, Chile and then switching to Lan Chile to fly from Santiago to Mendoza. One issue with this, though, is that I have to pick up my bags and check in again in Santiago. Santiago charges a $150 "reciprocity fee" to American citizens for going through immigration. So even though I'm only transferring, I still have to pay the fee because Copa decided not to check my bags all the way through to Mendoza.

Me at JFK with my COPA Airlines plane in the background.
Then again, this could be a blessing in disguise if it means that I actually HAVE my bags when I land in Mendoza... so, back to my first statement, I'm just praying it's all worth it and that my bags don't get lost or delayed.

When I get to Mendoza, I'll meet up with my 10 expedition teammates and our four guides. We'll get our Aconcagua Provincial Park passes and then do our gear check before heading up into the mountains. Talk about quick transitions! No room for error on this trip...

Because of the speed of the transition, I don't think I'll be able to update you before I head out into the wilderness. So to follow this expedition, you can read our Team Dispatches here:

Wish me luck!!


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