Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Descent to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp (February 25th)

The weather only got worse. After a terrifying night of 80+mph winds (our tent got totally shredded), we packed up our stuff quickly in the morning and began to climb down to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp. The weather had not improved at all and visibility was still low. The only thing better about today was that we were getting more and more oxygen as we descended. (It’s amazing how much of a difference 1000ft can make.) Also, going down—after 12 days of climbing up—is not easy on the toes. I think many of us will lose several toenails by the end of this expedition… We made it down to Base Camp after 4-5 hours. Everyone was exhausted yet ecstatic. An amazing dinner (and cold beers!) awaited us. I called my parents for the first time on the entire expedition and told them I summited. They were very proud! I am so happy!

Midway down the descent from the summit. I'm in red second from the front.

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