Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rest Day at Base Camp (February 14th)

After a beautiful and relatively relaxed 3-day hike in, we’re now at Plaza Argentina base camp. This is one of two base camps on the mountain, the other being Plaza de Mulas (where we will end the expedition). Plaza Argentina is much smaller than Plaza de Mulas and it’s practically empty now since we are one of three expeditions left on the mountain (the commercial season ends at the beginning of February). Base Camp offers several amenities to those already needing a piece of home. Most notably, there is internet and phone access, cheeseburgers, showers, and—the popular favorite—Coca Cola. The food at Base Camp is unreal. There is a kitchen tent and the cooks served us some delicious stuff. Today, we ate pizzas with pepper and olives on top. Yum! For dinner is a traditional Argentine steak. I can’t wait… Also, a funny story… Last night I refilled my water in the kitchen tent and discovered a couple of the guides, some porters, and the kitchen staff playing drinking games there! For those of us new to the mountain (i.e. all the clients), alcohol is not recommended since it can hamper one’s ability to acclimatize. But I guess it’s ok for the others to drink!

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