Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And the Bad Weather Arrives...

Day 5, June 7th, 2012: High Camp to Lenz Rocks Acclimatization Hike

And up we go!
Today started beautifully. Clear blue skies, not a cloud in sight. In fact, it was our third such day. Today’s agenda: climb up to the black rocks that appear (falsely) to be near the summit of the mountain. In fact, it is only a climb of 800 vertical meters (3,800m to 4,600m). It wasn’t so bad actually…long, but pretty and uneventful. I listened to my iPod the whole time and it seemed to pass pretty quickly. I was so absorbed in climbing and listening to my music that I didn’t notice when white clouds began to fill up the sky. It wasn’t until we were resting up at Lenz Rocks that I noticed a wave of cloud and fog rolling towards us. Andrey, our guide, warned us to move away from the actual rocks, as they attract lighting in electrical storms. That kind of freaked me out. I hadn’t really ever thought about what one might do when caught in an electrical storm on a mountain. We hurriedly finished the rest of our snack and descended in record time, making it back to base camp in an hour (it had taken us four to get up there…).

Bad weather = warm clothes... this was actually the only time I wore my parka all expedition!

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