Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Movin' Up

Day 4, June 6th, 2012: Move Day from Base Camp to High Camp

Phew. I expected to be so sore after yesterday’s big carry, but only felt a little tension in my neck and shoulders. Luckily, because I carried so much up yesterday, today I only had to carry ~7kg of gear. The trail seemed to go much, much quicker, but I think that was just because we were repeating it and so we knew how to manage our expectations. Also, the weather stayed very nice the whole day. (Good to know that there’s some consistency up here!)

I’m too tired to write anymore right now. Good news is that I feel great acclimatization wise. Bad news is that the food has not improved at all. I don’t think they are feeding us enough, and that will be bad for both our physical strength when climbing and for how well our body acclimatizes. For example, for dinner tonight we had soup. Just soup. For lunch, we had a pack of crackers, an orange, and three mini chocolate squares. This feels like fat camp. Ugh. Seriously, this food situation better improve.

I hate ending a blog entry on a negative note, so I just want to say that the whole group is in generally good spirits and is getting along great. Despite not being able to communicate easily with the Basque guys, we all make jokes (some make it through translation, some don’t) and the laughing is non-stop. I hope this continues throughout the rest of the trip!

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