Wednesday, June 13, 2012

“I Just Came to Say Cheylo” And Rest Day Boredom

Day 6, June 8th, 2012: Rest Day

Don't you just love a little facial edema (swelling) to wake up to in the morning?

Don't worry--soon I was back to normal. Isn't our tent nice and...cozy? (Read: stuffed.)

I was so eager to just get up there and summit, but after yesterday I was very happy to have a Rest Day. We didn’t exactly have a choice, though. The weather continues to be very bad. There were huge thunder and lightning strikes less than 1km away last night, and the “white out” conditions continue. The lightning was so bright that, with my eyes closed, it felt like someone was shining a flashlight directly into my eyes from a couple inches away. It makes sleeping a bit of a challenge… Other than that though, it was pretty boring. (I kept wishing that I hadn’t forgotten to bring my deck of cards to the mountain! Oops…)

To satisfy our boredom, Laura, Steph, and I decided we would film a music video with my GoPro Hero II camera. We were debating which song to do before Laura had the most brilliant idea: “Hello” by Dragonette. But we would add our own twist to the song. Instead of singing the refrain the traditional way, we would replace the “hello” with “cheylo”—the Russian pronunciation of the word. This might be way funnier in person, but it certainly gave us a good laugh and kept the spirits light throughout the day. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it…) we weren’t actually able to film the video… Next time…maybe on an Elbrus reunion trip? ;)

We stayed up late tonight—around 9pm—even though we are technically supposed to head off to the summit at 2am tomorrow. The weather is so bad that we are very doubtful it’ll happen. We’ll see… The weather on a mountain is exceptionally unpredictable, so you never know. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong!

Music video rehearsal with Laura (left) and Steph (right)

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