Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 13: Rest Day

Our first full rest day at Camp III. We did skills training; we learned how to ascend the fixed lines that will greet us when we ascend the Headwall tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve described how intimidating the Headwall looks to us down here at Camp III. We’ve climbed up some fairly steep slopes, but nothing that looks as steep as the Headwall. It rises up a couple hundred meters outside camp, sloping at first steeply upwards then petering off before getting even steeper until it reaches the 16,200ft Knife-edge Ridge. The last part of the Headwall is so steep that there are fixed lines (ropes that are anchored into the mountain with pickets each season) on the final 500ft of the 2000ft slope to prevent people from falling down the mountain. I hope it isn’t as hard as it looks…I guess I’ll find out tomorrow!

My and Greg's tent at 14k Camp on Denali with Mt. Hunter in the background.

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