Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 18: Weather Day

Another weather day…I finished Battlestar Galactica and also finished another book—a sci-fi class, Ender’s Game. I had actually purchased The Hunger Games a couple months ago because I had confused it with Ender’s Game. Turned out that both are fantastic books, and I’m glad I finally got to read Ender’s. I am eager to download the sequels when I return.

Not much else to report on. Greg and I have a new tent-mate…forgot to mention that yesterday. Arkhom moved in with us when Shlomo decided not to join us at High Camp. Also, Greg is almost finished with a book I managed to snag for him from some guys at Camp III.  I got him The Hunger Games and he loves it. He’s going to get it for his boys when he gets off the mountain. I was shocked that they hadn’t read it already!

Still praying for an improvement in the weather. It looks like we might get an opening on Saturday, three days from now. Fingers crossed…

From out little excursion to the End of the World.

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