Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 8: Weather Day

The weather has gotten worse and we’re stuck at Camp II still. (We were supposed to put our cache in at Windy Corner today). One group did manage to move up today, but that was a risk that Joe was unwilling to take. So we stayed and got to know each other even better. One thing I discovered about my team: no one likes playing cards. No one. I brought two decks and no one is willing to play with me!

I did do a bit of reading though. I’m currently working on the fifth book in A Song of Fire and Ice (the Game of Thrones series). It’s a long book (around 1100 pages) and is very detailed and complicated…perfect for Denali! Other team members are reading books ranging from legal books to 50 Shades of Grey. Yes, 50 Shades has even infiltrated Denali. I know.

It’s surprisingly hard to have a weather day. You sit in your tent and look outside and think “How long will this last?” and then do the calculations in your head. If we’re stuck here two more days, then we’ll only have two more weather days and then…etc, etc… It’s not the healthiest train of thought. You really just have to relax and take it as it comes. What will be, will be. (Though that is MUCH easier said than done.)

Building camp at 11k got hot...

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