Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 6: Move up to Camp II (11,200ft)

Another beautiful day—how long will this last—and our last night travel day. We woke up at 2am again and left by 4am. We followed the same route as yesterday but past our cache and wound up around onto a final, steep hill (steeper even than Ski Hill). Joe, our lead guide, had us take a break before a particularly steep part of the hill. Turns out, we were only 15 minutes from Camp II at that point! He’s such a trickster. We set up our tents in camp and enjoyed a lunch of crackers and cheese. I had a delicious wasabi cheddar. I also tried salmon jerky (an Alaskan specialty) for the first time. Wow! I’m definitely getting more of that when I get off the mountain.

Halfway up to Camp II!

We also caught up with another Mountain Trip team for the first time on our expedition. They left June 15 and are actually the group that I met when I came early to the Earth B&B in Anchorage. One of their clients, a woman I had become friends with, was getting sick from the altitude and throwing up which was why they had lost a couple days. Hopefully she will feel better soon so that they can continue up the mountain. Their group has six clients and two guides. I have been very impressed by the Mountain Trip guides so far, and these two are no exception. They were funny, fit, smart, nice, and super friendly. I’m sure we’ll spend more time together when we get up to the “social” camp: Camp III (14,200ft). 

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